Magpul Core - 2015 Arkansas Tactical Officers Association Annual Meeting

By Cody Carroll
Magpul Core - 2015 Arkansas Tactical Officers Association Annual Meeting




2016 marked the 11th year for the ATOA annual conferences.  The event, hosted in split venues between downtown Little Rock and the Direct Action Resource Center (DARC) saw over 150 law enforcement officers from Arkansas and surrounding states.  We met board members Bobby Moser and Henry Moore this year at SHOT show and from the beginning they defined their organization’s mission as “To advance the education and professionalism of law enforcement and corrections officers involved in tactical operations, through the exchange of ideas and information relating to tactics and techniques”, with a clear and concise mission statement like that, we felt that it was important to be involved in the effort, so post SHOT show we put wrote the dates into our training calendar and allocated the funds and instructors to teach a 2 day, 16 hour period of instruction that was focused on police sniper skills.






Caylen, the Director of Precision Rifle Training wrote out a period of instruction (POI) based on his experience of working with many LE agencies in the past and on his own personal combat experiences.  All courses at Magpul CORE carry the common theme and goal of:

1) Deliver the technical ability and know-how to the student for them to carry out a lifetime of recreational activities or career of professional skills.

2) Give the student the confidence and ability to lead others in these technical skills, and articulate what, why and how these skills are relevant.  

3) Create outspoken leaders and advocates for shooting sports, hunting, outdoor skills and personal freedom.






The first day of the course covered a review of the fundamentals of marksmanship, with several drills run from the prone position designed to isolate marksmanship trends and to allow the students time shake out their equipment.  The course quickly progressed into alternate (non-prone) shooting positions and the pace quickened.  Day 2 saw classes on scope theory, tripod shooting, engagement of targets out to 500 yards, shooter-observer dialogue, and mock qualifications set up as friendly competitions. 






In addition to the training offered by Magpul CORE, there were several other training seminars available to the conference attendees.  They Included:

Immediate Threat Concepts, instructed by Rick Cutler (Irving Police Dept.)

Tactical Rifle Course, instructed by Kevin Ross (Garland Police Dept.)

Night Vision Operations, instructed by L3.

Noise Flash Diversionary Device Instructor Course, instructed by CTS.

Cell Extraction Course, instructed by AMTEC Less Lethal.

Hostage Rescue Advanced Tactics Planning & Considerations, instructed by Dan Murphy (NTOA).





Multiple Officer Tactics, instructed by Billy Smith (Sierra 3 Group).

Intermediate Pistol, instructed by Jason “Jabo” Long (Ronin Combat Strategies).

Shield Instructor Course, instructed by Mike Ott (Point Blank Body Armor).

MRAP Safety Operations, instructed by Delia Tactical.

Introduction to Energetic Entry, instructed by Alan Brosnan (T.E.E.S.)

K-9 for Tactical Units, instructed by Brett Titus (Denver Police Dept.)





The ATOA held raffle and a banquet, and there was also a vendor show, with a good showing of local vendors and other companies like Glock, Aimpoint and UTM showcasing their latest LE and firearms related equipment.  The Keynote speakers this year were Special Agent J. Douglass Hurley and Special Agent in Charge Darrell Simmons and the presented an in-depth look at the tragic shooting that occurred in Keokuk County, Iowa on April 4, 2011 that claimed the life of Sergeant Eric Stein.




Overall we were very impressed with the professionalism and dedication of the ATOA.  The event was well organized, planned and executed.  Communication over the last 9 months was clear and concise. I know that an event of this magnitude is not one that comes together easily, and the members of the ATOA volunteered their time over the past year to make it happen. 

We encourage other training organizations and companies to get involved with the ATOA annual conferences next year.  Magpul CORE is planning to hold another Police Sniper Workshop as well as a POST certified Basic Police Sniper Course with the ATOA next year. For more information visit the website at