Magpul Pro NVM - Night Vision Mount

Magpul Pro NVM - Night Vision Mount
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Product Details

The Magpul Pro NVM – Night Vision Mount is a solid yet versatile MIL-STD 1913 thermal and image intensified clip-on optic mounting solution designed and optimized for the Magpul Pro 700® rifle chassis. Precision-machined from a solid piece of mil-spec 6061 T-6 hard anodized aluminum, the Pro NVM provides a rigid, seamlessly integrated, repeatable, and easily-installed mounting interface for a wide array of popular clip-on night vision devices.

Durable and Easy to Install

The Magpul Pro NVM was designed for reliability over a lifetime of hard use thanks to its robust design and solid machined aluminum construction.  The Pro NVM integrates seamlessly with the Pro 700 chassis forend and requires no inletting to install, thanks to an integrated chassis mounting solution. A common 7/64” hex wrench and flat-blade screwdriver are the only tools required for installation and removal.


With over 7” of usable Picatinny rail surface, the Pro NVM is highly adaptable and accepts a wide range of image intensified and thermal clip-on optics. A 0 MOA cant ensures expansive compatibility with multiple receiver rail heights, scope ring heights, and clip-on device variations, while its optimized design provides compatibility with many popular barrel contours – up to, and including, an MTU profile.


The Pro NVM is optimized to take up the least amount of chassis forend real estate possible, while still guaranteeing a solid, precise and repeatable foundation for clip-on devices.

  • 4.88” weapon interface
  • 7.25” Picatinny rail length
  • 1.77” wide
  • 1.44” tall
  • Weight 4.5 oz.

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Magpul Pro NVM - Night Vision Mount