Magpul™ MDS Short

Magpul™ MDS Short (Modern Dive Short)
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The Magpul Modern Dive Short harkens to both military history and island history; it is the foundation piece in our AKA KOA collection of “Serious Leisure” gear.

Our short is a modernized version of the 1940’s twill island short and was believed to have influenced original designs of the iconic UDT shorts worn by military frogmen. The MDS Short, although nowhere near as short as its UDT relative, has a 5 1/2” inseam, stretch fabrication, and an updated fit - making it great for PT, pool or an ocean swim. 


To give back to the Recon community in an homage to Magpul’s history, we designed the AKA KOA line of apparel. AKA KOA is the nickname given to Alpha Company 3rd Recon Bn (USMC Hawaii) by its Commanding Officer, Kent Bradford, in the late 1980s. Loosely translated, it means “Shadow Warrior” in Hawaiian. While it was intended to symbolize the military capability of the unit, it fast became the call sign for Alpha Company’s other skill set, making the most of the Hawaiian island lifestyle during the off hours.


A portion of the proceeds from the AKA KOA Clothing line will go to the USMC Reconnaissance Foundation. The foundation provides assistance to wounded Reconnaissance Marines and Marine Reconnaissance families. 


For more information about the foundation, please visit



  • 99% cotton, 1% spandex stretch twill
  • Two button fly, with slotted buttons
  • Drawcord through front of waistband for security
  • Back right pocket with flap closure and drainage hole
  • 5 1/2” inseam
  • Gusseted crotch
  • Split side seam at bottom of leg for movement 




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  • Magpul™ MDS Short (Modern Dive Short)
  • Magpul™ MDS Short (Modern Dive Short)


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  • Magpul™ MDS Short (Modern Dive Short)
  • Magpul™ MDS Short (Modern Dive Short)
  • Magpul™ MDS Short (Modern Dive Short)
Magpul™ MDS Short (Modern Dive Short)