Magpul MS rifle slings, most versatile on the market.

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It’s a firearms accessory that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but a good sling can be the difference between a comfortable carry and presenting a ready weapon, or not. In many cases, it’s a choice between one or two-point setups, with the benefits and limitations of each based on the shooter’s activities. Ultimately, flexibility is the feature a shooter should most expect out of their sling.

At Magpul, we set out to create a sling that can handle all you can throw at it and still provide a flexible solution for your changing needs. Our MS1 Sling System takes the multi-mission sling concept to new levels of function, capability, and modularity. Between our durable sling material, a patented easy-to-use slider, and a variety of adaptable connectors and mounts, our reconfigurable sling systems convert to meet your immediate needs and will survive the best beating you can give it. 

We created our slings with a material that is as tough and survivable as our other Magpul firearms accessories. Abrasion-and-almost-everything-else-resistant, our slings had to survive tens of thousands of cycles in wet, dry and sandy conditions, load testing, and weighted drop tests. We swam it, jumped it, hiked it, and shot with it in rugged field conditions. We added connectors designed to hold up under these same crazy conditions, and together with some ingenious options, created a system to meet all your many needs.

Based around our revolutionary MS1 Slider, and built upon a sling body designed for abuse, our sling systems give you many options. We also took the standard QD one step further and developed our own advanced heavy-duty Quick Disconnect Mechanism (QDM), making our sling systems truly unique and even more functional and reliable. Plus, for those days when you need a little more comfort, we developed a padded version of our sling that holds up as well as its unpadded cousin.

We created a variety of hardware options to ensure you can connect your sling to your weapon however you want. Our QDMs, QDs, and Paraclips can be mounted in any configuration imaginable based on your needs and the weapon’s existing attachment points. We also make unique hardware that you can install yourself if you decide you want to customize your weapon’s attachment points.

We created the Magpul RLS (Rifleman Loop Sling) to provide two useful functions in one simple design—as a no-nonsense weapons sling that comfortably and securely holds your rifle, and as a tensioned shooting aid that combines the best features of Rhodesian and 1907-style slings. Durable polymer keepers and slides adjust to create a tensioned forward loop against your arm, providing extra stability when aiming. The RLS’s simple design makes it affordable, and like all Magpul slings, it’s built to last a lifetime.

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