Magpul MS rifle slings, most versatile on the market.

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It’s a firearms accessory that doesn’t get a lot of attention, but a good sling can be the difference between a comfortable carry and presenting a ready weapon, or not. In many cases, it’s a choice between one or two-point setups, with the benefits and limitations of each based on the shooter’s activities. Ultimately, flexibility is the feature a shooter should most expect out of their sling.


At Magpul, we set out to create a sling that can handle all you can throw at it and still provide a flexible solution for your changing needs. Our MS1 Sling System takes the multi-mission sling concept to new levels of function, capability, and modularity. Between our durable sling material, a patented easy-to-use slider, and a variety of adaptable connectors and mounts, our reconfigurable sling systems convert to meet your immediate needs and will survive the best beating you can give it. 

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