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It’s hard for anyone to argue with the reliability, simplicity, and quality of Glock firearms. Here at Magpul, we can appreciate that sort of hard-earned reputation, so we set out to create the finest accessories for your Glock that you can find anywhere. We're bringing our PMAG dependability to your Glock pistol and enhancing your concealed carry experience, and we're doing it at a price that no one else can match.


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Glock PMAGs

To create the best Glock PMAGs possible, we used a proprietary polymer formula and combined it with a unique engineering design for your 9mm, giving you flawless reliability and durability over thousands of rounds. We optimized the round stack, added a high-visibility controlled-tilt follower, a corrosion resistant stainless steel spring that won't wear out, an easily removable floor plate for cleaning, a paint pen dot matrix for mag marking, and a capacity indicator window. We like to call our reliability boring, but there’s really nothing boring about what you get for the price.

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Enhanced Magazine Wells

Our Magpul GL Enhanced Magazine Wells were designed to act as a funnel to guide your loaded magazine smoothly and quickly into your pistol's grip. By providing a larger area to insert the magazine and creating a channeling effect that guides it into place, our magwells let you focus less on the reload and more on the target.  Their sleek design provides excellent concealment with minimal printing when you’re carrying while speeding up your time in competition or supporting your reload in high-stress real life scenarios. The Magpul GL Enhanced Magwell: double your magwell for less than half of the cost of other options. 

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Floor Plates

Our Magpul GL L-Plates are made of durable reinforced polymer with a rubber overmold that’s designed to be used in competition or defensive use, helping seat the magazine into extended magazine wells and providing positive traction and impact protection without unnecessary bulk. Designed specifically for our PMAG GL9 product line, our GL L-Plates install easily in place of the original PMAG floor plate and add approximately 1/4” in length. 

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