Magpul Hunter Series

Magpul Hunter Series
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Hunter Series: Bolt Action Stocks and Accessories

Superior performance. Modest price. When you put yourself out there, our Hunter series stocks make sure that versatility and accuracy go with you. From their cast aluminum bedding block to their many customizable options, our Hunter stocks are purpose-built for reliability and consistency.


Part 1: The Bedding Block

The foundation for the Hunter’s success starts with its cast aluminum bedding block.

Part 2: Usability, Fit, and Slings

Versatility for the shooter means that you get the carry, fit, and shot you want, the way you want.

Part 3: Installation and Compatibility

Easy to assemble at a cost that is hundreds below our nearest quality competitor.

Part 4: Versatility and Rifle Setups

No matter what you start with, you’ll transform your rifle into a custom-built precision hunting weapon.