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We build products for the real world, with every item designed for a unique mission that provides more value, simplicity, and features than anyone else. At Magpul, we’ve always felt strongly about eyewear because the need for reliable eye protection is rooted in our daily lives. Whether we’re at work or at play, we understand the demand for good-looking eyewear that protects us as across the range of activities that we and our customers engage in every day. As a result, we’ve created ballistic rated eyewear that’s engineered from quality materials and finished with an enduring design.

Explorer left
Explorer right

The Explorer is a casual design with high performance features. Its lightweight frame, low profile temples, and impact rated lens and frame combination are casual enough for everyday use, but also keep your eyes protected when something unexpected happens.

Explorer frame / lens colors, SKU, sizes, CTA

MAG1024 (Non-Polarized) | MAG1025 (Polarized)

BEST FOR: Most faces


Explorer XL left
Explorer XL right

The Explorer XL’s thicker frame, sculpted lines, and defined corners give it an edgier, more pronounced style than the standard Explorer, and its fit is optimized for medium and large faces. Like its predecessor the Explorer, the 6-base frames combine all-around protection with a casual look and feel. It’s built to excel in demanding environments and is great for activities such as shooting, climbing, and hiking.

Explorer XL frame / lens colors, SKU, sizes, CTA

MAG1046 (Non-Polarized) | MAG1047 (Polarized)

BEST FOR: Medium to Large faces


Terrain left
Terrain right

The Terrain is designed for our most demanding customers. It’s well suited for those who require ballistic rated protection and maximum coverage in a lightweight, larger frame. The Terrain’s frame design and lens selections support high energy activities in many outdoor environments. Padded low profile temples integrate smoothly under helmets, communication headsets and over the ear hearing protection

Terrain frame / lens colors, SKU, sizes, CTA

MAG1020 (Non-Polarized) | MAG1021 (Polarized)

BEST FOR: Medium to Large faces


Summit left
Summit right

The Summit’s design influence comes from its larger counterpart, the Terrain. Its design and swept lens shape provide maximum coverage and ballistic protection when you’re engaging in rigorous activities that would shake off other sunglasses. Like the Terrain, the Summit exceeds expectations on the range and integrates well under your headgear.

Summit frame / lens colors, SKU, sizes, CTA

MAG1022 (Non-Polarized) | MAG1023 (Polarized)

BEST FOR: Small to Medium faces


Radius left
Radius right

The Radius was and designed with the shooter in mind, providing ballistic protection, durability, and flexibility in a lightweight package. The aggressive 8-base wrap and high-coverage temples ensure protection from both the elements and debris, while the unique lens shape provides improved peripheral vision over other full coverage designs. It has a modern profile with high performance features for those who demand the most from their equipment.

Radius frame / lens colors, SKU, sizes, CTA

MAG1042 (Non-Polarized) | MAG1043 (Polarized)

BEST FOR: Medium to Large faces



We’ve created lenses that meet demanding standards for resolution, clarity and contrast to support a whole range of outdoor activities, ensuring they stay functional when you need them most. Our lens and mirror selections are designed to enhance your visual perception across a variety of changing environments and light conditions, and we offer polarized options throughout our eyewear line to decrease glare while you’re outdoors.

Lens chart


If you’re going to be active and you’re going to be outdoors, you’re going to run into things. All three styles were designed from the start to meet high standards of impact protection. We constructed the frames out of TR90NZZ, the strongest thermoplastic eyewear material you’ll find, and our unbreakable polycarbonate lenses won’t let anything get through. The Terrain and Summit go one step further, incorporating features that also meet ANSI safety ratings.

Frames left
Ballistics right
Ballistics left
Frames right

To achieve the highest level of impact resistance and overall protection, we had to put our designs and engineering to the test. Through both High Impact Speed Testing (videos below) and High Mass Impact and Penetration Testing, we were able to show that our eyewear can take the hits and still keep your vision intact when fast, sharp and heavy objects come your way.




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