AR Stocks

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Strength, Reliability and Functionality

The heart of the shooter and rifle interface is the place where both meet to ensure success in engaging targets accurately and comfortably. That place is the stock. At Magpul, we’ve created 12 different stocks for your specific rifle requirements, with many available in both Mil-Spec and Commercial versions to support the many shooter needs arising from form, fit and functionality.

First and foremost, we design our stocks to be strong. Our secret polymer formulations and finishing features in our metal components add up to--hands-down--the strongest stocks you’ll find. We’ve also added a variety of feature sets to meet your weight, storage, ergonomics, adjustability, and cost needs, and we also offer multiple sling attachment options to let you carry the way you want to.

With our strength and features come reliability, and we go to ridiculous lengths in testing all of our stocks to make sure we offer you the most reliable, functional stocks possible. We drop them, freeze them, and cover them in dirt, and we do not accept failure. You may not need them to be this dependable, but then again, you might.

We set out to create multiple solutions to different shooter needs, and the result is a line of stocks with the depth and versatility you need. Of course, if you're not sure what you want from your stock, we're here to help. We asked our EVP, Duane Liptak, to provide a ten-minute crash course in choosing the right stock for you in the videos below. There is lot to take in, so you may want to watch them twice. We did.

Mil-Spec vs. Commercial-Spec

AR receiver extensions may all look the same at first glance, but there are two styles on the market. Choosing the correct stock for your extension is important, as mismatched stocks may fit loosely or not at all. Most new extensions you'll find are Mil-Spec, but double check before you buy if you’re not sure.


  • Length – 7.25”
  • Receiver extension outer diameter width – 1.146”
  • Back of tube is flat
  • 1-3/16-16 UN threads have well-formed peaks


  • Length – 7.25”
  • Receiver extension outer diameter width - 1.168”
  • Back of tube has 5-degree slant
  • 1-3/16-16 UN threads have truncated (flat) peaks

Decisions, Decisions: Features, Function and Fit.

Compact / Non-Storage


Focused on shooting ergonomics and utility, we’ve kept the weight to an absolute minimum. From the buttpad to the forend, we designed these stocks for shooter functionality with an eye for shoulder fit and quick maneuverability. The result is a lightweight stock that's fitted to your shoulder, ensuring that you’re comfortable and connected where it matters.

Stocks in this category include: CTR Carbine Stock, MOE Carbine Stock, MOE SL Carbine Stock, MOE SL-K Carbine Stock

Shop Compact / Non-Storage

Lightweight but strong: Engineered to keep overall stock weight down so you can maneuver faster.
Protected Adjustment Lever: Allows quick adjustments to length of pull, with protection against snags and accidental releases.
Buttpad: The rolled toe and angled rubber of the SL line and the curved form on the CTR provide positive shoulder purchase and ensure efficient shoulder transitions.
Storage / UBR


Sometimes, you're going to want extra space for things that just have to be a part of your shooting kit, but aren’t going to be relegated to your pockets or a bag. Or, perhaps you’re looking for a wider stock to support your cheek weld. In either case, if you’re looking for the strongest carbine stocks we make, look to our storage and UBR models.

Stocks in this category include: ACS Carbine Stock, ACS-L Carbine Stock, STR Carbine Stock, MOE SL-S Carbine Stock, UBR GEN2 Collapsible Stock

Shop Storage / UBR

Storage Compartments: Dedicated storage for your spares and other important things you want to keep handy.
Wider cheek weld: A sloping cheek weld provides more surface area, keeping your head more upright.
Fixed / PRS


Simple, durable, and with a stable cheek weld, our fixed stocks provide you with absolute dependability and reliability wherever you shoot. In addition, our PRS GEN3 brings you complete adjustability to configure your stock for your unique needs across your unique shooting activities.

Stocks in this category include: MOE Fixed Carbine Stock, MOE Rifle Stock, PRS GEN3 Precision-Adjustable Stock

Shop Fixed / PRS

Versatile and fully adjustable: Our PRS GEN3 gives you the ability to dial in your perfect shot, time after time.
Simple and repeatable: Consistent cheek weld for repeatability in your shots.
Fixed when fixed is a thing: When The Man won't let you have the adjustability you want.