A potential compatibility issue has recently come to Magpul's attention regarding the PMAG 20LR magazine when used in a limited number of 7.62 NATO caliber LMT MWS weapon systems.  When the PMAG 20LR is inserted into the magazine well, some MWS rifles exhibit interference between the bolt catch and the rear of the magazine.  This can cause partial engagement of the bolt catch and result in unintentional contact between the bolt carrier group and the bolt catch during normal weapon operation.  Although this issue has only been reported by a very limited number of end users, Magpul has introduced a slight modification to all new production PMAG 20LR magazines to eliminate any potential for bolt catch interference, and will begin shipping modified magazines effective immediately. 

Magpul is committed to continued improvement of our entire product line to ensure the widest range of weapon compatibility and best functionality possible.  To most efficiently handle compatibility inquiries regarding the PMAG 20LR, please contact Magpul via email at