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PR Data Books

The Magpul Black Book Series is collection of knowledge created to aid and enhance the shooters experience in the field. There will be an assortment of different modules covering a variety of military and practical field subjects. From shooting and tactics to survival, communications, and physical training, there will be a module for everyone. The majority of the publications will be printed on a PVC material that will give the books true all-weather writing capability when using map pens and pencils, and will be conveniently sized to fit in standard uniform pockets and wrist boards.

Previously available only through enrollment in a Magpul Dynamics Precision Rifle Course, the Magpul Dynamics™ Precision Rifle Data Book 2.0 and its accompanying Magpul Dynamics™ Precision Rifle Quick Reference Cards are our first additions to this series. MSRP $19.95-$49.95


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27-Oct-14 17:49

AR15/M4 Armorer's Tools

Armorers Tools

The Magpul™ Armorer's Wrench for the AR15/M4 is American-made from US steel. Built for the demanding user, it features a multitude of tools combined in an ergonomic, heavy-duty unit for a lifetime of use. MSRP $79.95

The BEV™ Block is an all-in-one, compact vise block tool for AR assembly operations of barrel nuts, flash hiders, etc. MSRP $49.95


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23-Oct-14 11:56

M-LOK Accessories

M-LOK Line

The polymer Rail Sections and Cantilever Rail/Light Mount are nearly identical to their aluminum counterparts, but offer a cost and weight savings while still maintaining excellent strength and durability. MSRP $9.95-$17.95

The M-LOK™ to MOE® Adapter Kit is designed specifically to adapt many M-LOK compatible accessories to Legacy MOE Hand Guards and Forends. It includes a multitude of different adapters and hardware for both narrow and wide base M-LOK products. MSRP $9.95

While all of our screws come with a reusable anti-vibration patch to prevent loosening, the M-LOK™ T-Nut Replacement Set provides the necessary screws and T-Nuts in a retail package for those who may have lost some of the hardware for their M-LOK accessory. MSRP $5.95


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23-Oct-14 11:45

2015 12-Month Calendar

2015 Calendar

Pre-order now for shipping in November. $16.95


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