Legal Analysis of HB 13-1224

Legal Analysis of HB 13-1224


Magpul Industries has adamantly opposed Colorado House Bill 1224 because it will not enhance public safety and will only restrict law abiding citizens from protecting their homes and families.  Magpul strongly believes that Governor Hickenlooper should veto HB 1224 based on these policy grounds.


Recent reports also demonstrate that House Bill 1224 has a much broader scope than supporters intended or disclosed, as was argued on the Senate floor.  Magpul retained the law firm of Holland & Hart LLP to review the scope of HB 1224’s regulations.  The results were striking.  The report made the following conclusions:

1) HB 1224 restricts the sale, possession, inheritance, and transfer of nearly all firearm magazines, regardless of capacity.

2) HB 1224 bans the possession, sale and transfer of certain existing firearms.

3) HB 1224 will be virtually impossible to implement and enforce. 

4) HB 1224, as written, would be one of the most expansive gun bills implemented in the United States.


Holland & Hart incorporated these findings into a letter to Governor Hickenlooper urging him to veto HB 1224.  Attached is a copy of the letter sent to Governor Hickenlooper on March 15, 2014, with the primary conclusions highlighted in yellow.

Legal Analysis of HB 13-1224 and its full ramifications